A new Soulslike game called Witches of the New World revolves around the events of the Salem witch trials , and is being developed on Unreal Engine 5 .

Witches of the New World comes from a new studio called Horizontal Entertainment, run by a former Ubisoft student, and promises exciting gameplay as well as tough decisions.

Horizontal Entertainment is a new developer coming from Latin America. Its CEO is Adrian Gimate-Welsh, a Mexican-French engineer who previously worked at Ubisoft and Gameloft. Horizontal Entertainment hopes to focus on narrative games, primarily in the historical fiction genre.

Witches of the new world, a new mexican soulslike horror indie
Witches of the new world, a new mexican soulslike horror indie

It is a small studio that currently has two projects underway, one of which is Witches of the New World, and the other will delve into the world of the Mafia in the 70s through the eyes of an undercover agent of the FBI.

Gimate-Welsh also founded TagWizz, a Mexican developer that focuses on collaborating and supporting small game developers who may not have all the resources to create their games in-house.

Witches of the New World is still in development, and centers on Jedediah Hopkins, an English witch hunter, who is asked to travel to the New World to investigate strange events in the city of Salem.

The story covers the aftermath of the Salem witch trials, in which Jedediah investigates whether the trials were the result of mere hysteria or were surrounded by supernatural events. After conducting his investigation, Jedediah uncovers a conspiracy of devil worshipers trying to take over Salem.

After which, it’s up to the witch hunter to delve deeper into the dangerous plot and stop it from reaching its goal. Jedediah’s weapons are a flint shotgun and a sword, his only protection against the forces of evil.

The study also claims that it has delved into the historical background of the time. Horizontal Entertainment claims that Jedediah is based on historical accounts of the 17th century witch hunts, but transposed into the context of the fantasy genre.

In the same vein, the game also promises players the chance to delve into the detailed English Puritan society of the time. But beyond the exciting combat and the historical setting, it also advances morally complex decisions that the player will have to deal with.