Dragon Ball is one of the most watched anime, and the question of knowing who is the most powerful of the entire saga that has been launched has always remained.

And it is that if Dragon Ball has something, it is that it continues to make anime fans fall in love with its stories and characters. We are talking about one of the most current anime; in addition to being a veteran and influential in the history of the genre, inspiring others like One Piece or Naruto to name a few.

However, and with so many characters, sagas, arcs and, above all, villains, it is logical to ask ourselves who could be the most powerful protagonist or archenemy of all.

Who is the most powerful in Dragon Ball Here the answer

This question has been answered by nothing more and nothing less than Akira Toriyama himself, author of Dragon Ball. He did it back in 2022 and his message may have been overlooked by the followers of the brand.

Toriboto is the most powerful “celestial” being in all of Dragon Ball

It is worth mentioning that it is one of the series where a huge number of heroes and villains appear with a huge number of impressive superpowers; and a clear example of this was the battle of power, the last one, where warriors of an amazing class from various universes met .

Likewise, through the official account of the series on Twitter, DB_super2015 several statements from the Japanese are collected. Although for many it has been believed that Gohan is the most powerful character in Dragon Ball; For his part, Toriyama reminds us that we should not overlook Toribot.

In case you didn’t know, Toribot is the supreme being, even more powerful than the angels, and Zeno Sama himself. In other words, he is a little character who dominates the whole world.

However, despite his presence, Gohan is indeed the most powerful character in Dragon Ball thanks to his constant training from childhood to adulthood.