There has always been a debate within the Dragon Ball fandom about who is the strongest Earthling. Many debates claim that this character is Krillin, but there is a human who is stronger.

 Even Goku himself has already recognized the strength of this character, which fans should not even imagine who he is.

The strongest human in Dragon Ball

Aside from Krillin, Tenshinhan and Yamcha are also ranked as the strongest humans in Dragon Ball. 


All of them are strong warriors who have fought alongside Goku since the beginning, but the strongest human in the series is Yajirobe. When Goku fought him for the first time, the protagonist himself said that he had never met anyone as strong as Yajirobe.

It is worth remembering that at that time Goku had already fought Krillin, Yamcha and other humans. Therefore, it appears that no Earthling has offered such a challenge to the Saiyan other than Yajirobe. 

Probably, no one expects him to be the strongest Earthling, as the character is always seen as someone lazy and cowardly.

Yajirobe is the strongest human in Dragon Ball

While Krillin and the other Earthlings, who are part of the Z Fighters, trained to get stronger, Yajirobe always avoided getting into fights for fear of getting hurt. 


However, Goku’s statement shows that Yajirobe is much stronger than we imagine.

Even without training hard, Yajirobe has great martial arts skills equal to the other earthlings we’ve seen fight. 

In the Saiyan Saga, he saved Goku and the others at the most crucial time by slicing off Vegeta‘s tail in his Oozaru form. However, this detail goes unnoticed by fans, as Yajirobe rarely appears in Dragon Ball now.