In Dragon Ball Z, Piccolo was the strongest Z Fighter at one point, and the scene where Vegeta is dumbfounded when he realizes this is just wonderful.

This scene takes place when Piccolo merges with Kami-sama to fight Android 17.

In the English manga, when Piccolo notices Piccolo’s absurd strength, he asks if that really was Piccolo and asks how he managed to increase his fighting power so significantly in such a short time.

Then Vegeta himself says ” there are no mistakes as he has definitely surpassed my Super Saiyan .”

And the good news for Piccolo fans is that he may have once again surpassed Vegeta, as he achieved a transformation called Piccolo Orange.

Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure, but she’s said to be in the same league as Goku, and since Goku is always one step ahead of Vegeta, that could be a sign that Piccolo has surpassed him as well.

However, unless the two fight, fans will never know who really is stronger.

The good thing is that Vegeta, from now on, will certainly not underestimate Piccolo anymore, because there is no reason to. In fact, the new rise of Namek makes it clear that Vegeta has yet another rival vying for the top 1 strongest Z Warrior.