In Dragon Ball Super, Goku got much stronger by acquiring the ki of the gods and Ultra Instinct, but there are still other characters in the franchise that are above his power level. One such character is Beerus, the God of Destruction from universe 7. However, Goku could defeat Beerus if he used a special technique, which few people know about.

Goku’s Technique That Could Beat Beerus

This special technique of Goku’s is only used in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission!!!!, a manga spin-off of the Heroes series. Clearly, this manga is known by few, as the Dragon Ball Heroes series is not very popular among Dragon Ball fans.


However, the technique that Goku uses in this manga is strong enough to defeat even Beerus.

His new technique is called “Beyond-God Warp Kamehameha”, an attack that combines Kamehameha with teleportation. Goku used this combination when fighting Cell, but he features a much more evolved form of his attack in Dragon Ball Heroes.

As he charges the Kamehameha, Goku teleports consecutively, generating multiple mirages around the enemy.

Why would this attack defeat Beerus?

The “Beyond-God Warp Kamehameha” is a technique that allows Goku to move faster than time itself. He used this attack against Aeos, the main villain of the Ultra God Mission saga.


She is also a goddess and has the power to control the timeline itself. But Goku’s attack was so fast that she couldn’t even keep up with him.

Considering that Goku had the ability to outrun someone like Aeos, a God of Destruction would also have a huge problem taking an attack of that level.

So, if Goku used this improved version of Kamehameha, he would finally defeat Beerus.