The Trigun Stampede anime series is ready for the season finale and this story has undoubtedly hooked many; Well, the new vision of Vash , Knives , Meryl and Nicholas , brought more serious and exciting adventures to the point of drawing a tear.

This series presented us with the reboot of the original story based on Yasuhiro Nightow ‘s manga , as the Humanoid Typhoon revealed more about him and the problems he is having for being by his side; while one of the biggest battles has begun.

They reveal a preview of episode 12 of the anime Trigun Stampede
They reveal a preview of episode 12 of the anime Trigun Stampede

Through the official site of the Trigun Stampede anime, a preview of what awaits us for episode 12 and the season finale was shared; Well, now we have seen that Knives could finally achieve his mission.

In this preview of the episode that will serve as the season finale and is titled ” To the New World “; in which we continue to see Vash and Knives, the latter already ready to carry out his plan; while we see something amazing about one of the twins.

Trigun Stampede Episode 12 is set to be released next Saturday, March 25 in Japan ; while it will reach the Crunchyroll platform simultaneously, that is; you will be able to see it at the same time that it is broadcast in the country of the Rising Sun.

Meanwhile, it is not yet known what the future of the franchise will hold , if we will only stay with 12 episodes or there may be a continuation of the story, it seems that there are many things to tell.

Trigun Stampede premiered on January 7th and you still have time to catch up before this end with all the episodes that you can find on the orange platform; both in its original language and with dubbing into Latin Spanish.