Although Attack on Titan is a successful work, it is important that the pertinent questions are answered at the end of the anime. With so many plot twists and mysteries, fans want an answer as soon as possible, and today we separate the top 5 questions that everyone wants an answer to.

What will happen to the rest of the titans?

The titans from the animated series Attack on Titan are the source of the series’ popularity. However, the series has shown that the Titans are not the dumb monsters that fans thought they were.

Anyone who has seen the Attack on Titan manga knows how it all ends, but anyone who has seen the anime just has to wait until the end to find out. That is, will the legacy of the titans, violence and oppression end at once or not?

What is the true origin of the titans?

In the anime Attack on Titan, the Eldians are isolated between three huge walls named Maria, Rose and Sina, all named after the children of Ymir.

The walls, formed by millions of massive titans, were the Eldians’ coat of arms, but few knew it. As Eren Yeager fought the Female Titan in Stohess District, this was one of the first things that became clear.

The Female Titan climbed Wall Sina to avoid capture, but she ended up creating a hole that allowed people to discover the existence of titans within the walls. With this new information, it became clear that the walls were more than just a defensive measure; they were bombs ready to be exploded.

What is the connection between the Ackermans and the titans?

In Attack on Titan, there are three very powerful characters: Levi, Mikasa and Kenny Ackerman. Throughout the plot, viewers learn that the reason for this is not just a coincidence. The Ackerman family had a noble heritage and were responsible for protecting the king and the royal family of Eldia. To hone their physical abilities, they participated in experiments involving titans.

Unfortunately, the family declined under the reign of Karl Fritz, who believed that the only way to achieve peace was to isolate oneself and wait for complete annihilation. To this end, he erased the memories of the Eldians, but was unable to do the same with the Ackermans, who disagreed with his views on what constituted a peaceful society. Worried about losing control, Karl had every member of the Ackerman family killed.

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What is the final destination of the main characters?

Attack on Titan is an anime series that has many fans anxious about the fate of the main characters as the story draws to a close. Will many of the important characters die during the final conflict, or will they survive to deal with the aftermath? As the series nears its conclusion, fans can only speculate on what will happen to their favorite characters.

Teasers for the series have caused mixed feelings among manga readers, hinting at the possible demise of some beloved characters. The conclusion of the series is sure to make a big impact on the anime world, regardless of whether the main characters sacrifice themselves to save the people or if they manage to survive the last battle. Fans are eager to find out how the story will end and have been waiting for a satisfying conclusion for their favorite characters.

Will the conflict between Eldians and Marleyans be resolved? Will they be able to live in peace?

The issue of the outcome of the battle between the Marleyans and Eldians is one of the most debated topics among Attack on Titan fans. Would the rest of the world be able to accept the Eldians, the people Eren Yeager fought so hard for, even if 80% of the global population was killed?

The tragic consequences of Eren’s actions could leave even more resentment against him and his people. However, only the end of the anime can answer whether peace can be achieved after such a terrible event.