Sanji’s curly eyebrows have begun to change in recent One Piece chapters, and Eiichiro Oda has stated that this change is very important for his character’s development.

One Piece Reveals Why Sanji's Eyebrows Changed

Sanji’s father, Judge Vinsmoke, experimented on his sons to turn them into super soldiers. Sanji was never shown to have the same genetic power as his brothers until he fought Queen in the Wano Arc. In the Egghead arc, Sanji once again shows how he has gotten stronger and resists with this change in his body, being able to withstand Seraphim S-Shark’s punches.


The reason for Sanji’s eyebrow changing shape

In chapter 1031, Sanji’s eyebrow undergoes a change in its shape and becomes the same as his brothers from Germa 66. However, his eyebrow returns to its normal shape in chapter 1044. Oda clarified that this change in Sanji’s eyebrow represents the awakening of his superhuman abilities.

Attentive One Piece readers will notice that Sanji’s eyebrow changes shape again in chapter 1078. In addition to his increased strength, Sanji appears with a colder personality while fighting. As Oda urged fans to keep an eye on Sanji, it appears he still has some things left unexplored in the character’s awakening.