One Piece fans are already used to seeing the Straw Hat Pirates change clothes in each story arc of the manga and anime, which has provided constant material for cosplayers on duty. Among the most memorable arcs is Dressrosa, with Nico Robin’s look arguably being one of the most remembered. So, cosplayer Lauren Leigh decided to share her representation of this version.

Lauren Leigh is a talented cosplayer who has been sharing her costumes on social media for about a year and a half, showing a high level of quality in her work. In addition, she has transformed into several characters, including some from One Piece, such as Nico Robin with the costume she wore in Dressrosa.

Although Lauren only started showing One Piece cosplays just a few weeks ago, it’s possible that she will continue showing her depictions of One Piece characters in the future. In the last week, she presented cosplays of Nami, Chopper and Nico Robin, the last one being the most recent one posted a little while ago. Look:

One Piece: Lauren’s Nico Robin Cosplay Is Just Perfect

So far, all three One Piece cosplays presented by Lauren Leigh have been excellent, so much so that we look forward to seeing her share more work like this. Although Dressrosa’s Nico Robin cosplay is relatively new, it has already received positive comments, showing that the end result looks amazing.


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While we’ve seen plenty of Nico Robin cosplays over the last few years, few are as well-executed as Lauren’s.

So, what do you think of this beautiful cosplay, dear One Piece fan? Remember that you support the artist’s work on your Instagram account if you like it.