In the last chapter of One Piece, Shanks gave a demonstration of his overwhelming strength and also revealed his greatest weakness. While the Red Hair Pirates are strong individuals, Shanks’ fleet is made up of weak pirates who rely on their captain’s protection.

Shanks pirate fleet is weak and that’s his only weakness

A pirate fleet is made up of several crews, which are led by someone very powerful like a Yonko. On the One Piece Volume 101 SBS, Eiichiro Oda revealed that Shanks also has a fleet. However, chapter 1079 of the manga showed that the members of this fleet are surprisingly weak.

When Kid entered Elbaf to challenge Shanks, Red himself says that his teammates are known to be weak. Most of them are already old and don’t even look like strong fighters, but they have protection thanks to the Yonko’s flag. Despite being a generous attitude from Shanks, weak fleet members can be a weak point for enemies to exploit.

Shanks fleet could be your undoing

Shanks and his crew are so strong that they are the equivalent of an entire fleet alone. However, all of his companions, who live under Red’s protection, follow them like a pirate fleet even though they are weak. As we saw in chapter 1079, they can be in danger when facing stronger pirates.

In these situations, Shanks and his pirates have to worry about defending the weakest as they fight. Thus, a ruthless pirate like Blackbeard could easily use Shanks’ companions as blackmail. Seeing his friends in danger, he would be vulnerable against his enemies.