In Dragon Ball there are very powerful characters that can put the entire universe in danger. We see more and more new higher power levels, and this leads to the debate about who is really the most powerful character in all of Dragon Ball.

Shueisha Dragon Ball Akira Toriyama
Shueisha Dragon Ball Akira Toriyama

Whether deities or mortals, fans can be divided between different characters, but the truth is that Akira Toriyama, the creator of the franchise, already revealed the mystery years ago and maybe only fans who were involved from the beginning will remember.

In Dragon Ball Z, we had some almost indestructible characters like Cell, in Dragon Ball Super, Toriyama and Toyotaro took the thing to another league with gods, but the strongest one is not Beerus, nor Zeno, but Akira Toriyama himself:

The all-powerful being with the most control and power over Dragon Ball is its creator, who is represented in the manga and anime as a character called Toribot. Just as other mangaka have their own alter egos within the world they create, Toriyama included himself in Dragon Ball as this little robot above.

He has appeared from time to time in Dr. Slump, another manga series created by Toriyama before Dragon Ball. His appearance is that of a small robot with a gas mask, and he is seen in several places, either on posters where rewards are offered for him or as an audience in tournaments and even on cash notes.

Furthermore, it was confirmed just how powerful Toriyama as a robot really is in Daizenshuu 7, a definitive Dragon Ball encyclopedia written by Toriyama. He is described as the supreme ruler of Dragon World and far more important than any deity, which makes a lot of sense since he is the creator of the gods and all.