Naruto is a shonen series that continues unstoppable no matter how many years pass. The story currently follows the ninjas of Konoha very much alive thanks to Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, which brought in a new generation, but Naruto is still the big star of the show. So here are 10 fun facts about him.

10 fun facts about Konoha's most famous ninja that you might not know
10 fun facts about Konoha’s most famous ninja that you might not know

Your crossover with One Piece

Crossovers between manga happen a lot, like the crossover between Naruto and One Piece. To celebrate the end of the Naruto manga, One Piece creator Eichiro Oda paid tribute in chapter 766 of his manga.

This is an illustration where Luffy eats ramen, and Nami can be seen with the leaf village symbol and Akatsuki on her clothes. Luffy is shown eating at a table with Naruto himself.

It was going to be very different

Before starting the manga, Masashi Kishimoto published an independent Naruto story, which was very different from the final result.

In this story, for example, Naruto could transform into a giant fox because his father was a demon fox.

Kishimoto’s wife was more Sakura than Hinata

Although Naruto stayed with Hinata at the end of the series and started a family with her, Naruto originally had a crush on Sakura.

Kishimoto’s wife was furious to find out that Naruto hooked up with Hinata, as she always thought his ultimate partner would be Sakura.

Naruto Eats Himself

Naruto is a well-known customer of Ichiraku Ramen, where he always eats ramen.

Something that few fans know is that Naruto’s name comes from “naturomaki”, a fish ball that is used in ramen. The dumpling also has a spiral, as well as several other things in the series, such as the Uzumaki symbol, the rasengan and etc.

An outsider and family colors

Naruto has a western appearance, with blond hair and blue eyes. Some sources say that Masashi Kishimoto intended to make Naruto a foreigner.

In addition, it can also be linked to the colors of your family. Colors related to yellow often represent joy, youth and optimism, which fits perfectly with Naruto. Kushina is also a great example of this, as her hair is red, a color that represents anger and passion.

The glasses

Naruto still has his glasses in storage, but he stopped using them after a few chapters and episodes, and the reason is explained by Kishimoto.

Once Naruto became a genin, he started wearing the ninja headband, and the main reason why Kishimoto ended up ditching the glasses was to make work easier, as it took a long time to draw the glasses every time.

If you need a transfusion

One of the most curious pieces of information about Naruto characters is their blood type. A transfusion for Naruto seems unnecessary, but… Naruto’s blood is type B.

According to some “beliefs”, people with this blood type tend to be irresponsible, impatient and selfish, but also friendly, creative.


Another piece of information about Naruto that is made available to fans is about his birthday.

Naruto’s birthday is on October 10th, a date he shares with another character: Menma Uzumaki. They are very similar and are also more or less the “Narutos” of their respective universes.

Curiosities of the databook

  • Naruto’s hobbies are playing pranks and watering plants.
  • The people Naruto most wanted to fight were Sasuke Uchiha, the Third Hokage, and members of Akatsuki.
  • Naruto has completed 16 official missions.

Fighting style

Interestingly, even though Naruto was never raised by Minato, he apparently inherited his father’s fighting style of almost never relying on hand seals, with the exception of his signature technique.