Even if Krillin doesn’t have the best combat history in Dragon Ball, he has at least lucked out in romance and a healthy family life. But one of the most complicated things about Krillin’s family life in DBZ is that he apparently named his daughter after his ex.

The Z Fighters, not long after defeating Freeza, had a peaceful time while they waited for Goku to return to Earth. During this time, Krillin began a romance with a woman named Maron, who was somewhat clueless and not very devoted to Krillin, and even flirted with Yamcha. Krillin later realized that Maron wasn’t too good for him and broke up with her.

Shortly after marrying Android 18, Krillin and his wife had a daughter named “Marron”. Both the names “Marron” and “Maron” pronounced in English are the same thing, but in Japanese they are quite different. Incidentally, in Dragon Ball Super, Android 17 pronounces the name Brown incorrectly to see Android 18’s annoyance.

But actually, Akira Toriyama, creator of the franchise, uses these names for some food-based puns. Krillin’s pronunciation refers to the word “chestnut” in Japanese, due to his bald head, while “Marron” comes from the French word that also means “chestnut”.

Also, Maron is a filler character (who doesn’t exist in the manga). So Krillin never named his daughter after his ex. Krillin and his family are one of the most exciting aspects of the Z Fighters. Along with Android 18, they strive to care for their daughter.