Tousouchuu (Run for the Money: The Great Mission) will open on April 2 in Japan. The anime is based on the Fuji TV variety show of the same name.

Likewise, to arouse the interest of viewers with the upcoming series, the character designer, Tsuyoshi Okano; he drew an oppressive image of the hunters closing in on the runners.

It was through the Anime Sunday 9 Youtube account that a trailer for the upcoming series was released with a preview of the opening theme song “Runaway World” by fhána and the ending theme song will be “Fly Away” by AB6IX. Tousouchuu Great Mission Visual

People who worked on the anime include:

Original Character Design: Tsuyoshi Okano
Series Composition: Tomohiro Nakayama
Series Directors: Yukio Kaizawa and Kohei Kureta (Kirakira☆PreCure a la Mode)
Character Designer: Youichi Onishi
Art Director: Ayaka Jin, Kentaro Akiyama
Art Setting: Kenji Fukuda
3D Set Design: Shohei Tamura
Music: Kotaro Nakagawa
Production: Fuji Television Network, Yomiuri Advertising, Toei Animation

Tousouchuu: Great Mission and its plot

It is worth mentioning that the anime takes place many years in the future; when humanity migrated to the Moon due to Earth’s climate change.

It is an entertainment survival game that will feature a diverse field that blurs countries and eras such as Shibuya, the Edo period era, and London.

In this scenario, the fugitives are released in a limited area , and must escape the android “hunters”; who chase them until the time limit reaches zero, if they are victorious they can win a great prize.

Some dream of getting rich, while others challenge themselves to test their strength in “Run for the Money”.