Chad Stahelski , director of John Wick 4 and the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima , acknowledged how the video game adaptation of Sucker Punch will use technology from the recent John Wick movie.

Although John Wick 4 , starring Keanu Reeves, has stood out among critics and audiences alike for its elaborate action scenes and frenzy around every corner, this film also has significant technical deployment for a great screen result.

Thus, Stahelski, director of both films , revealed to IGN how he will take some of the technology from John Wick 4; to implement them in Ghost of Tsushima , this with the aim of making, visually, the adaptation of the samurai title look as it deserves.

What has been learned with the technological advance with the Ghost of Tsushima movie

“What we’ve learned ( with John Wick 4) is colorization at the end of production and what can be done with the new technological development and with the new Alexa cameras. That has allowed us to take cinematography to the level that Ghost deserves,” he commented.

The director gave as examples the colors and reflections in John Wick 4 that remain exactly alive at the time of being recorded.

“You can see the purples and pinks, and we can push the color and reflections as far as it goes in Chapter 4. It’s been a great technological achievement to get the colors that we’ve achieved and have them stick, especially in theaters.” added the director.

Since its launch on PlayStation 4 and later, all this is seen with more power on PlayStation 5. Ghost of Tsushima stood out for its graphics embodied in beautiful landscapes full of color in flowers and vegetation; in general with impressive games of light and shadow.

The Ghost of Tsushima movie is currently in the script writing process stage; Takashi Doscher being chosen for the task.