There are not a few players who still remember « Forspoken » for its lousy launch. Although it is true that the criticism of the players was directed mainly at the poor performance shown on PC ; we also saw a lot of complaints regarding their characters. However; Square Enix wants to leave this time behind to focus on post-launch content, which is why today it presents the release date of its first DLC.

With the name of ” In Tanta We Trust “; This novelty will be available to PS5 and PC users starting next May 26.

According to the brief description provided by Square Enix through a tweet; the content invites us to ” discover Athia’s past and the battle that drove the Tantas to madness.” In this way, we can expect new brushstrokes of history that help us obtain a more complete picture of the world that we travel in Forspoken.

It is important to remember that the Tantas are established as the main antagonists of Forspoken. Known for being the former governors of Athia and the most powerful sorcerers in this world; one day they began to act hostile towards the inhabitants they once used to protect. Part of Frey’s Forspoken adventure is dealing with these villains; but it seems that the DLC will delve even deeper into the abrupt change that corrupted them.

Forspoken sales have been mediocre

Everything indicates that Forspoken still has a lot of history to tell, although we will know it at the end of May.

Hopefully this is a new push for Square Enix; He considers that the game’s sales were ” mediocre ” due, in part, to the forgettable nature of its open world. As you can imagine, the regular commercial performance of the delivery has not been liked at all in the Japanese offices; since the development of the title would have cost more than 100 million dollars.