Saitama x Tatsumaki has become a reality thanks to a spectacular One Punch Man fanart ; that you don’t want to miss. Although the recent events of the manga have made the hearts of the supporters of this shippeo jump, now this new drawing makes what everyone wanted to see definitive with a fun interpretation of the heroes.

Illustrator ChipTooth (Pixiv) shared his cool drawing of One-Punch Man bringing Saitama x Tatsumaki to life. But the heroes don’t just complete a mission in their professional outfits. Rather, both seem to enjoy Netflix and chill for a while; taking advantage of their abilities. It is not for nothing that Tatsumaki can advance the scene with his psychic powers in the cute fanart of One-Punch Man:

Besides; this couple is not the only one that has taken all the reflectors in the manga. The last match of the S-Class heroine ; It got so intense that she even went so far as to show what is hidden under her clothes. It’s hard to imagine what the fans were thinking, but this scene gave them a definitive answer from Yusuke Murata himself .

Although for now we do not have many details of the third season of One-Punch Man; although we already know that the anime will change the animation studio again, now being MAPPA who is in charge of the adaptation.

It is the second time that the anime has seen the need to change its production house, although we do not know the reasons behind this decision. In the same way, for now it is too early to talk about its release date, although we know that it is already in the production phase.