Wolverine, the badass member of the X-Men, has been reimagined as a Saiyan warrior in the Dragon Ball universe in new fanart created by Thomas Matheus Rodrigues.

Thomas’s Instagram account is dedicated to making geeky fanart that casts people in the shoes of their favorite pop culture icons. Recently, he’s been mixing characters from the X-Men with the Dragon Ball franchise, transforming Wolverine into a Saiyan warrior.

Fan imagines Wolverine as a Saiyan, and the result is jaw-dropping

The design shows Wolverine dressed in Frieza’s army gear in a fighting stance ready for anything. Plus, he added a Saiyan tail wrapped around Wolverine’s waist, which fans loved.

Although Wolverine is a Marvel character, he is often chosen as a fan favorite in crossovers with other franchises. Casting him as a Saiyan warrior makes perfect sense, as he has more in common with Vegeta than Goku.


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In addition, the fanart also allows you to imagine what Wolverine would look like in a universe full of powerful enemies that use energy to fight. While it’s unlikely that Logan will ever meet up with Goku and his friends, the fanart lets fans see just how epic an official crossover between Marvel and Dragon Ball would be.

But what about you, would you support this idea? The world of cinema and anime is growing enormously every day, so a crossover like this is not so far from reality. So, if you liked the project created by Thomas, be sure to follow him on Instagram, as his portfolio is extensive.

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Dragon Ball is a series created by Akira Toriyama. The story follows the character Son Goku, a boy who grew up alone in the mountains, until he is visited by Bulma, who was looking for the seven dragon balls that can summon Shenron to fulfill a wish and then begins the journey of the two. The anime can be seen on Crunchyroll.