“Dragon Ball GT was responsible for introducing fans to an iconic transformation: the Super Saiyan 4. With an impressive design, the form won the hearts of viewers and led many talented artists to recreate it in characters other than Goku and Vegeta. Although there are official versions of the transformation in several characters, some do not convince the fans.

The fusion of Goku and Vegeta, known as Vegetto, last seen in Dragon Ball Super, is undoubtedly stronger than Gogeta.

Vegetto in Super Saiyan 4 form is the true terror of any enemy

However, it’s the dance fusion that stands out for its imposing appearance, especially after defeating Omega Shenron at the end of Dragon Ball GT. In a fanart, the Vegito fusion displays his own version of Super Saiyan 4 alongside Gogeta.

While it’s unknown if the transformation would be enough to defeat Zamasu fused with Black, it would have eliminated Majin Buu and perhaps could give Beerus a good beating himself.

However, the mystery surrounding Super Saiyan 4’s power will remain until series creator Akira Toriyama decides to make it canon. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees as to when that will happen, as Toriyama apparently has no such intentions.

With the next threat in Dragon Ball Super history being Black Freeza, it’s possible we’ll see the fusions Vegetto and Gogeta reappear soon. Although the manga is focused on Piccolo and Gohan, it will take exceptional power to combat this new threat. And, of course, it may be that new heights emerge, or perhaps even exclusive transformations, as is the case with the previously presented Super Saiyan 4.

But then, do you think there’s any chance the Dragon Ball Super manga will make Super Saiyan 4 canonical? We agree that this transformation was essential for the development of Dragon Ball GT, so it cannot simply be forgotten by the creator of the series.”