Dragon Ball Super surprised fans when Bills showed some interest in Cheelai, as she is Broly’s potential love interest.

In the past, Akira Toriyama has revealed that he never worked romance in his series because he was ashamed.

However, now that Toyotaro is working on the manga, fans can soon see how Cheelai’s relationship with Broly and Bills will play out.

Artist Elite Nappa made this fanart, where Bills asks Broly if Cheelai has a boyfriend, and the Saiyan looks pretty confused.

Cheelai’s relationship with Broly somewhat mirrors Caulifla’s relationship with Kale.

Her friendship with Broly also mirrors Bulma’s friendship with Goku, as both are non-Saiyajin women who end up befriending a good-hearted Saiyan and end up not liking the only surviving relative of their respective Saiyan friend (Paragus in Cheelai’s case, Raditz on Bulma’s).

And you, who does Cheelai ship with in Dragon Ball Super?