Dragon Ball is probably the most beloved anime series of all time. Many of us grew up watching their endearing characters that we fell in love with, and in the meantime we were able to learn about the amazing story and characters that continue, like Vados, Whis’ sister, who was reimagined in a unique style by @elite_nappa.

In case you didn’t know, Vados is the angel responsible for training Champa, the Hakaishin of the sixth universe, and making sure he does his job correctly. This girl is one of the daughters of Daishinkan, Whis’ older sister, who makes her debut in Dragon Ball Super, after the revelation of a multiverse with many angels and gods, and now she is the protagonist of the fanart that we will show you below. elite_nappa


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Old or new, Dragon Ball fans always find new ways to show their love for the beloved shonen series, like fanart inspired by their favorite characters like Vados and fanart by the talented @elite_nappa of Instagram, who shared this one version that flies through the heavens while Cabba and Champa appreciate her statuesque figure.

Vados is originally from Universe 6, which is the twin brother of Universe 7, being what appears to be a mirror universe. She is similar to Whis and also carries a scepter and wears a green tunic with a black breastplate with yellow, orange and white details. Furthermore, Vados wears a red headband and white shoes.