Dr. Stone Chapter 161 is just around the corner. After the heartbreaking events of the previous chapter, fans are now excited to see the continuation of the story.

In Chapter 160, we saw how the enemy sniper managed to inflict Senku. While trying to use the resources around him to protect himself, he still managed to infiltrate and pass through the bag. Fortunately, Senku is still alive but currently unstable due to the bullet that hit his body.

After the enemy’s attack, the Kingdom of Science informed Chrome and the others of their status. They were shocked to learn that Senku was shot by a sniper. Later, Senku sent a message that only he and Chrome understand. Will Chrome be able to take action against the enemies? Let’s find out once the new Dr. Stone Chapter 161 is released.

When is the Dr. Stone Chapter 161 release date?

The manga was interrupted in the last chapter due to the event related to the Olympics in Japan. Now that things seem to be returning to normal, you should be able to get Dr. Stone Chapter 161 on Sunday, August 9, 2020.

Where to read Dr. Stone Chapter 161 online?

Dr. Stone manga series is part of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, which means you can grab the next chapter in the upcoming issue of the magazine. Apart from the print copy, you can also catch Senku and the Kingdom of Science by reading Dr. Stone manga Chapter 161 online. Currently, the manga series is exclusively available on Manga Plus by Shueisha and Viz Media.