The new entry in the Bandicoot franchise is Crash Team Rumble , a 4vs4 competitive game announced at The Game Awards 2022, where players can face their favorite characters, after months without news, its developer Toys For Bob shared details about game mechanics this week.

In this crazy new formula for Crash Bandicoot, the goal of each team is to compete for the Wumpa Fruits . The team that ends up with the most points on their side is the winner, so strategy and character roles become important.

Crash Team Rumble features three character classes/roles , where their abilities have a specific use in their role. There are Scorers, Blockers and Boosters, each with a role.

Crash Team Rumble presents its roles

The scorers, as the name says, are the characters whose skills are focused on collecting the Wumpa. Among these characters is Crash Bandicoot himself, since his abilities are focused on his speed and his ability to cross the map with agility.

For the blockers, on the other hand, they are characters that focus on defending the team’s fruit bank and taking down enemies. They are characters specialized in combat, who can face several rivals at the same time and stay on their feet.

Lastly, Boosters have the job of supporting the team through means other than gathering. They are able to collect gems, which can boost the number of points the team earns with each collection.

According to the developers of Crash Team Rumble, the hardest class to use would be blockers, because of everything you need to pay attention to, so being a scorer or booster is simpler for new players.

The new experience of the Crash Bandicoot universe will arrive on June 20, 2023 for PS5 , PS4 , Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S . On April 20, until the 24th of the same month, a closed beta of the title will be held for those who buy the presale. According to the developers of Crash Team Runble, the most difficult class is to use blocking because you have to pay attention to everything, making it easier for new players to become scorers or reinforcements.