Recently, a new unofficial figure based on the popular Chainsaw Man character Power has drawn attention for showing the character wearing only a tiny pair of panties underneath her signature T-shirt.

However, something unusual happened: someone complained about the “rights” of this figure, but it was not the author Tatsuki Fujimoto, Shueisha or the MAPPA studios that produced the anime adaptation. The complainant was a cosplayer known as Vinne, who shared a post on Twitter criticizing the use of her image and idea to produce Power’s erotic figure.


While the similarity between Vinne’s cosplay photograph and the figure is undeniable, the cosplayer cannot claim any rights, as she herself is playing a character that does not belong to her. The law allows her to earn money through cosplay, but does not give her the right to claim the character’s intellectual property. In other words, she’s unlikely to get credit for Power’s sultry figure.

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Vinne said he didn’t make the allegation in order to make money, but just to “take out his frustration”. Although the comments section is full of its supporters, the Dodomo Studio group, responsible for manufacturing the figure, does not intend to back down and plans to release it on the market.

This situation shows how intellectual property is a complex and controversial subject, especially when it comes to popular characters from manga, anime and games.

Cosplayer demands credits for Chainsaw Man erotic Power figure

Finally, while it’s important to respect creators’ rights, it’s also important to remember that cosplayers and fans in general have a right to express their creativity and passion for these characters as long as they don’t infringe on the law or copyright.

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