About a week ago, an attractive and daring figure of Power from the popular Chainsaw Man franchise became a trend , which managed to cause a gigantic stir on the internet, where many fans were fascinated with the extraordinary product that highlights all the physical attractiveness of the character.

Now to think that the product can motivate versions of the figure to be made with the same pose and spicy design but with completely different characters from the franchise, it may be a possibility in which an artist shows us with the beautiful Makima.

Chainsaw Man: They recreate a version of the popular Power H figure with Makima

Artist HONG_DOO_ ( @Hong_Doo_JV2 ) has recreated with wonderful illustration the popular and exquisite figure H of Power  with the captivating and attractive lady with mesmerizing eyes named Makima . In which you can see her traditional formal shirt but with an erotic and very sensual style, exposing her lower part, showing us her underwear in detail, as well as Power’s figure .

Makima version (Illustration)

Power Version (Original/Figure)

Without a doubt, a rather striking idea where fans long for it to come true and to be able to acquire it quickly to show it off on their shelves. Until now, we only have to delight ourselves with this incredible illustration that, in addition to highlighting all the attractiveness of Makima , also supposes a funny high price of 999,999 ¥ (An equivalent to 7,600 dollars) .

Here are some comments:

  • No price is too high, I’ll have it!
  • Are you giving them this idea for free? they will make it
  • The touch of the shirt and shoes while wearing panties is very good
  • I would definitely buy the figure
  • If they were made this Makima figure instead of Power, they would have sold out in 5 minutes
  • I have to cosplay this fast so I can claim ownership when it’s done.

In conclusion, let’s hope that some project or the same Dodomo Studio can make it canon, where in that eventual case the fans would cause another stir on the internet.

The  Chainsaw Man manga  is written and illustrated by  Tatsuki Fujimoto , and its publication began through the weekly magazine Weekly Shonen Jump  that belongs to the  Shueisha publishing house  since December 2018. When the  Chainsaw Man manga  came to an end in In December 2020, the Shueisha publishing house would release the news that the work would have a second part that would begin to be published from July of this year and currently has 12 compilation volumes published in total.

In addition, the second part of the  Chainsaw Man manga  is available legally and for free through the ” Shonen Jump+ ” service.

On October 11, 2022, the Chainsaw Man manga premiered its anime adaptation, which consisted of a total of 12 episodes. In addition, the animation studio MAPPA was in charge of producing the series under the direction of Ryu Nakayama and it is legally available through the Crunchyroll platform, which is producing a Latin Spanish dubbing for the anime.