The last revelation on Boruto in chapter 79 of the manga shows that the influence of the Otsutsuki clan can retrace the entire history of the series so far.

As revealed in the new chapter, the Otsutsuki clan’s most powerful technique allows them to change reality on a global scale, rewriting all of history, a power wielded by Eida that has been given the name “Omnipotence”.

When Momoshiki explains about this power to Boruto, he says that in the past, the Otsutsuki who became gods may have used it multiple times to alter human history, meaning that the history of Naruto’s world may have already been changed many times.

The Otsutsuki secretly altered the history of everything

Shibai Otsutsuki is one of those who reached a divine level and became a perfect being, which transcends mortality and makes him a true god, which happens after he eats the chakra fruit of several planets.

When Shibai died, his remains were left behind and the scientist Amado was able to extract some of his abilities through his DNA. Eida and Daemon’s powerful abilities, therefore, are a reproduction of Shibai’s powers.

Unfortunately, the big question is how Amado managed to get his hands on the remains of a god. 

He probably visited Earth in the past, which also explains how Naruto’s power system came about, as it has already been revealed that ninjutsu is actually modeled after Shibai’s shinjutsu, which contradicts history, as it would not have been Hagoromo who created ninjutsu and not the one who passed it on to humans.

Therefore, it is evident that more Otsutsuki have visited Earth in the past, well before Kaguya or Isshiki. 

Perhaps the planet was the last visited by Shibai, which explains why his body and techniques were left there, but that’s just one of the mysteries Boruto has yet to solve.

Whatever the case, all these revelations in Boruto completely change the entire history of the world of Naruto that fans knew.