Yamato has won over countless One Piece fans since her debut in the Wano arc, and they still have hope that one day she will join the Straw Hat Pirates. She is well known for her Wano outfit, but how would she look in other anime outfits?

Mirko's clothes from My Hero Academia
Mirko’s clothes from My Hero Academia

Artist Zuberubar brought this idea to life, making an amazing fanart of Yamato in the costume of Mirko, the bunny heroine of My Hero Academia. In Mirko style, Yamato is wearing the heroine’s full costume and even the bunny ears and tail have been included. However, his horns were also kept to make a fantastic combination between the characters’ bunny and oni styles.

Additionally, Yamato gained another collection of clothing with Lum’s clothing from Urusei Yatsura. In this style, Yamato does Lum’s classic pose and wears her striped top. She has only worn a Japanese kimono so far in One Piece, but Zuberubar has managed to fit her perfectly into Mirko and Lum’s outfits. To see Yamato’s upcoming clothing collections, follow Zuberubar on Twitter.

While fans were waiting for Yamiato to join Luffy’s crew, she decided to stay in Wano at the end of the arc. Before traveling the world, she thought it best to start her journey in Wano, just like Oden did. Although she didn’t join the pack, there’s no doubt that Yamato will return in the future.