The Majin Buu saga may not have appealed to everyone, but it was undoubtedly one of the most exciting sagas in history.

The Majin Buu saga featured an eponymous villain who terrorized not only the Z Fighters, but also the deities known as Kaioshins.

During the saga, Boo was absorbing the Z Warriors and becoming more and more powerful, which consequently forced Goku and Vegeta to merge. The most powerful version of Buu was Super Buu, which emerged after the pink monster absorbed Piccolo, Gotenks and Mystic Gohan.

Although this was the strongest form of Majin Buu, in today’s post we will explain that the most dangerous version of this villain was not Super Buu, but Kid Buu.

It was really difficult for the Z Fighters to face Super Buu, as he was an enemy capable of absorbing, and it is precisely for this reason that warriors like Gotenks and Gohan were easily absorbed by the pink beast.

Super Buu’s main power was absorption, but contrary to what many think, this ability to absorb didn’t just steal the rival’s powers. A little of the absorbed people’s consciousness became part of the villain’s mind.

For this reason, although he was the antagonist at the time, Super Buu was the most “humanized” version of Majin Buu, so much so that his awareness and speech ability were far more developed than his previous versions.

Kid Buu, on the other hand, was the extreme opposite. Unlike Super Buu, Kid Buu was less ‘friendly’ and more destructive in every way. He was weaker, but his only desire was to wipe out all life in existence.

He was a mass of hate that was not interested in anything, and his only desire was to see everything destroyed, without a trace of life. For that reason, Kid Buu was more dangerous than his more powerful version, Super Buu.