Many shonen series have been released since Astro Boy, the first shonen anime, but few have managed to become as popular. Naruto and Hunter x Hunter are just a few, but which of these two stands out above the other? 

To find out who reigns between Naruto and Hunter x Hunter, it’s important to consider several factors, such as power system, arcs, characters and narrative.

Naruto’s Power System

In terms of power system, Naruto manages to enrich the plot with a system that is divided into jutsus – Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu.

Naruto's Power System

Ninjutsu is the most important, as it is an adulterated version of Hagoromo’s ninshu, which allows you to create techniques with chakra. Genjutsu, in turn, is illusory techniques that make their victims experience sensory illusions. Lastly, Taijutsu is the use of martial arts, hand-to-hand combat. With the exception of Taijutsu, jutsus need chakra, the characters’ special energy.

Hunter x Hunter power system

Hunter x Hunter’s power system is based on the aura, the life energy within a person, which is called Nen. Nen users manipulate their energy and they fall into very distinct categories.

Hunter x Hunter power system

There are six types of Nen – Conjuration (which allows you to create objects), Manipulation (allows you to control inanimate things), Emission (allows you to separate and release the aura from the body), Transmutation (allows you to change the aura to match something else) Enhancement (allows you to strengthen yourself) and Specialization (can be literally any kind of unusual paranormal ability). 

Nen users are born with all six types, but they need to find the one that suits them the most and focus on developing it. In addition, Nen has four principles: Ten, Zetsu, Ren and Hatsu and can be divided into advanced techniques such as Gyo, In, En and etc.

Who has the best power system?

Clearly, Togashi has taken a much more mature and complex path towards making a well-thought-out power system, with Nen principles, techniques and abilities, which adds layer to the plot. 

It’s a brilliant concept that can be called the best. However, there are those who prefer chakra and jutsu, as Kishimoto took a fun and easy to understand path.

Who has the best characters?

Hunter x Hunter has solid characters like Kurapika, Hisoka Morow, Isaac Netero, the Zoldyck family, Chrollo Lucilfer, Meruem, etc. They bring the franchise to life, but fall behind the characters written by Kishimoto.

When it comes to writing characters that win the hearts of fans, the creator of Naruto has the upper hand. Naruto is a cheerful, dedicated, kind, believing and vulnerable protagonist. 

Characters like Itachi, Kakashi, Tsunade, Obito, Orochimaru, Might Guy, Akatsuki members and etc. They are some of the best anime out there, each with their own story and motivations. In that sense, Naruto surpasses Hunter x Hunter.

Who has the best bows?

Naruto has notable story arcs like Chunin Exams, Five Kage, Pain’s Invasion, Fourth Shinobi World War, which are some of the most famous arcs in anime. 

Hunter x Hunter also has influential arcs such as Chimera Arc and York New City.

Who has the best bows?

Everything about these arcs, from characters, plot and subplot is perfectly positioned. So it seems impossible to say who has the best bows. 

But if we had to point out a disadvantage in an arc, it’s its duration, because it can get boring, and Naruto gets lost a lot in filler episodes, flashbacks, while Hunter x Hunter doesn’t suffer from that.

Who has the best overall storytelling?

There are many shonen anime series that have promising stories and characters, but the weak plot fails to capture the audience’s attention. 

However, both Naruto and Hunter x Hunter have done a great job with the overall narrative as it keeps the audience hooked until the last ending, and that is especially true of Togashi.

Who has the best overall storytelling?

The creator of Hunter x Hunter is pure genius when it comes to creating a breathtaking storytelling experience. 

He paid attention to everything mentioned in his manga and anime, always carefully planning and explaining his world, without making the audience bored or affecting the narrative. Naruto is arguably far more popular, but Hunter x Hunter trumps it with its power system, overall storytelling, as well as equally incredible arcs and equally quirky characters.