Naruto’s most defining villains are criminals and murderers, who are born through great loss and the trauma that comes with war.

However, many of these villains become good people after receiving the protagonist’s forgiveness. If they didn’t try to win fan sympathy, these characters could be portrayed as villains in a better light.

Naruto’s need to forgive all villains

Naruto always shows compassion for the villain after discovering that he was a casualty of the war. Then the protagonist turns the villain into a good person using his famous “Speech in Jutsu”.


He used this feature with Zabuza, Gaara, Nagato and many other villains in the series.

Some characters were well fleshed out with the choice to redeem themselves, but using that feature with all the villains became redundant.

Most villains became remarkable for being portrayed as someone cruel and wanting to cause chaos at all costs. However, that image is quickly destroyed by Naruto’s conversation.

Naruto’s Villains Didn’t Need Fan Sympathy

Naruto always sees the best in people and that is enough to erase all of the villains’ crimes.

For example, Obito Uchiha caused several incidents in major nations and started a war, where he killed countless people. However, he turned into a good person in the end and fought alongside the heroes to save the world.


It was very sudden for Obito to forget his grudge against the world, which he had harbored for several years, in just a few minutes.

A tragic past can make villains’ stories more interesting, but they could be much more remarkable without needing to receive forgiveness all the time.