The Hokage is the leader of Leaf Village. With this function in hand, he plays the role of protecting and developing the village.

All Hokage have been incredibly powerful ninja although this was never a requirement.

Generally, the Hokage needs more knowledge than brute force as he will have to deal with all the administrative, financial and foreign affairs. That said, which ninjas could become good Hokage in Naruto Shippuden ?

Uchiha Itachi

Itachi graduated from the  Ninja Academy  at age 7, awakened his doujutsu at age 8, was named Chunnin at age 10, and at age 13 was already responsible for leading the Specialized Assassination Tactics Squad (ANBU).

Furthermore, according to Hiruzen Sarutobi, Itachi already thought like a Hokage at the age of 7. It’s not that he could already lead a village but that statement and his accomplishments show how Itachi Uchiha could be a great leader.

Shikamaru Nara

In the world of Naruto, a strong leader is one who exploits their weaknesses and guides the best path to take. Shikamaru has demonstrated this ability while working with his team and he does it better than anyone else. According to Kakashi, Shikamaru would have been a better Hokage than him.


Jiraiya has turned down the role of Hokage a few times. He never had the time for that as he was focused on his book series, searching for the child of the prophecy while also focusing on Konoha’s enemies. Despite this, Jiraiya has vast knowledge that he has acquired over the years. This role could suit him very well!

Sarutobi Asuma

Asuma inherited his father’s Will of Fire. This element is a philosophy of Hashirama that says that love is the key to peace and that gives the strength to keep fighting. Leveraging this, Asuma wanted to protect the King, which was basically about the children and the next generation. That is, he had every possible motivation to put into practice the work of a Hokage.

Hatake Sakumo

Sakumo’s story is a bit confusing. He was more revered than the Legendary Sannin but turned him around in such a way that he became an embarrassment throughout the Land of Fire. He was kind, smart, talented, and so skilled that he was known as the “White Fang of Konoha”. He is a character with a vast history and unseen potential who could certainly be a good Hokage in Naruto!

Originally created by Masashi Kishimoto for Weekly Shonen Jump in 1999, Naruto tells the story of a young ninja. With a demon sealed within him, Naruto wishes to become the leader of his village. The series ran for 700 chapters in total and was adapted into an anime by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex between the years 2002 to 2017. Naruto became popular enough to warrant a sequel,  Boruto,  which takes place years after the original  Naruto series and it features the children of many of its main characters such as Naruto and Hinata.